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MG is a British car brand, created by the British sports car manufacturer of the same name in 1924. MG stands for Morris Garages, the name of a Morris car dealer in Oxford. The history of MG began in 1921, when Cecil Kimber started to work as a sales manager for Morris Garages. In 1922 he was promoted to General Manager, and by then he was designing customized versions of the cars that the company sold to its customers. Cecil Kimber stayed as General Manager until 1941, when he and Lord Nuffield did not see eye to eye about procuring wartime work. A freak railway accident killed Cecil Kimber in 1945. In 1952, the BMC merger caused long-time service manager John Thornley to take over as General Manager, and he guided the company through its very best years until he retired in 1969.
The MG is best known for its famous two-seat open sports cars, but MG did actually produce saloons and coupes as well. During recent years, the brand has also been used when the mother company has released sportier versions of their standard models.

Recent MG events

MG production ceased in spring 2005 since MG Rover, the brand owners, went bankrupt. Nanjing Automobile Group, a Chinese based state owned company, became the new brand owners, and in early 2007 they resumed production of MGs at the Longbridge plant. (The Longbridge plant is also owned by the Nanjing Automobile Group, they acquired it when they took over MG Rover. Production of MG cars was also started at a plant in China. The MG TF car is built at Longbridge, while the MG ZT (now the MG 7) is built in China.

The new MG general manager Zhang Xin declared: "We want Chinese consumers to know this brand as 'Modern Gentleman'. To see that this brand represents grace and style.". In Europe, the brand still stands from Morris Garage.

Future MG Plans

In 2006, the Nanjing Automobile Group announced their intention of continuing production of the MG TF sports coupé and to set up an entirely new plant in Ardmore, Oklahoma in the United States. The new Ardmore plant will build the next-generation MG TF cars and account for an estimated 60% of the worldwide TF output. In addition to this, the University of Oklahoma will be the home of a new development centre. MG cars will go on sale in the United States starting at early summer of 2008.

In the United Kingdom, the Longbridge plant will continue to assemble GM TF car, while the Pukou plant in the Jiangsu Province of China will assemble the GM ZT car and the GM ZR car. 

Two new GM cars are planned to be launched by the end of 2008, and these cars will replace the MG ZR and the MG ZS. The new GM cars are named MG 3 and MG 5. It is possible that they will use the Austine marque for more downmarket versions.

As of now, the Nanjing Automobile Group is discussing a merger with SAIC, since the MG 7 from the Nanjing Automobile Group and the Roewe 750 from SAIC could benefit from sharing mechanical features.

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