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Morgan car
Morgan Car

The Morgan Motor Company is a British based automobile manufacturer. This company was created by H..F.S Morgan in 1910 and run by him until 1959, when his son, Peter Morgan took over. Peter Morgan ran the company until he died in 2003. Charles Morgan is the current operating director.
The Morgan Motor Company factory is situated in Malvern Link, a part of Malvern in Worcestershire in the United Kingdom. It currently employs 155 people and all the cars are still being assembled by hand. If you want to purchase a new Morgan car, you should be prepared to wait up to a year since the waiting list is very long and number of cars built each year is quite limited. Only nine cars are produced per week, and each car takes three months to build. 

Early Morgan cars

The first Morgan cars were 2 or 4 seat three-wheelers and are therefore aptly referred to as cyclecars. The design was a way of evading the British car tax by creating vehicles that could be classed as motorcycles. After a while, the popularity of cycle cars declined, chiefly due to competition from the Austin 7 and similar cars that offered comparable economy and price and a much more comfortable ride. The Morgan Motor Company therefore decided to partly switch to 4-wheelers and their first 4-wheeler was the 4-4: a car with four wheels and a four-cylinder engine. In 1936, the first production 4 wheeled Morgan car was made available for the public and is now know as the Morgan 4-4 Series 1. The production of 3-wheelers continued up until 1952.

Today, devoted Morgan enthusiasts are found all over the world and are known to affectionately refer to their cars as “Moggies”. Generally speaking, a Morgan owners has a very traditional approach to sports cars, and this has been acknowledged as the main reason behind the failure of the +4+ car.

General Morgan characteristics

Even though the design is fairly traditional, Morgan car are famous for their sporting or 'sports car' performance, since they have always had such a low weight. The sports car feeling is especially noticeable in the V8 models, the +8 and the Aero 8.

Morgan Models

Morgan 3 wheeler
Morgan 4-4 Pre-WWII and 4/4 following WWII
Morgan +4
Morgan +4+
Morgan Plus 8
Morgan Aero 8
Morgan AeroMax
Morgan +4 Four Seater
Morgan Runabout
Morgan Roadster
Morgan Roadster Four Seater
Morgan LIFEcar

The Morgan car in popular culture

Despite being a comparatively small brand, Morgan has managed to make a significant impact on modern popular culture and Morgan cars can bee seen in a lot of movies and TV series. They are also a part of modern literature, and in the novel “Have His Carcase”, a technical aspect of a three-wheeler Morgan becomes in integral part of the main plot. When it comes to movies, several Morgan cars are used to depict Mr. Rose's Plus Four roadster in the movie “War of the Roses”. You can also see Peter Sellers driving a Morgan three wheeler in the movie “The Party” and a Morgan four wheeler was used throughout the highly regarded Mel Brooks film “Silent Movie”. A 1957 Plus Four Four-Seater Morgan is featured in the movie “Speechless”, while a 4/4 1600 Four-Seater can be seen driven through the Australian landscape in the movie “Now and Forever”. Numerous TV-series has also included Morris cars. In the Monk episode “Mr. Monk is at Your Service“, a man kills his mother and stages a Morgan car accident to cover it up. In NCIS episodes Kill Ari (1) and (2), Dr. Mallard drives a Morgan roadster that he has restored himself.



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